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It should come as no surprise to the unsuspecting reader that as women of science, and indeed literature, my lab partner and I have already partaken in the ultimate cinematic experience of 2012.  I am, of course, talking about The Avengers.  Written and directed by Joss Whedon, a hero among nerdy television viewers across the globe, this is a viewing experience that can only […]

Today was supposed to witness the inaugural launch for the independent interstellar (well hopefully one day) carrier, SpaceX.Unfortunately, safety took a front seat, and the unmanned rocket, which was going to be the first non-governmental group to send supplies to the International Space Station, was grounded due to unusually high pressure in one of Falcon 9’s engines. […]

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Hello human, you’ve fortuitously stumbled onto S(cience).A(bs).S(arcasm). We are in no way claiming to be different from you, but we’re working on version 2.0, it’s about time humanity got out of beta testing.   Basically, it’s a lot of this:   With this:   A healthy dash of this:   Though, frequently we just regress into this: […]