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    This sums up my thesis. I’m hoping that if the Doctor can save all of time and space, I can finish this paper. Geronimo! Advertisements

Gorgeous! I’ve already packed my pressurized suit, and started saving my pennies to help build the rotating spaceship we’ll need to ensure we don’t pee out our bones (Bill Nye told me so). While it may be some time (especially financially, poor NASA is broke) before humans are able to foray to the red planet, […]

Why so curious?


Preview narrated by William Shatner and Wil Wheaton.

The Hobbit ^3


The interwebs, and Tolkienites alike, are sharpening their replicas of Narsil and brushing up on the copious appendices and unfinished manuscript containing the everyday minutia of Middle Earth. Peter Jackson announced on his Facebook page on July 30 that the upcoming theatrical installment of The Hobbit, is now a trilogy. Jackson said after much soul searching (read: in ability to […]