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Woahhhhh there veins, they look like they are trying to break loose from their fleshy prison. Aside from all the photoshop creeping in this photo, I have always approved of Hugh Jackman being cast as Logan. This is the first official photo from the upcoming movie focusing on Wolverine and will be set mainly in […]

My partner in crime an I just finished up War Horse, which is a fantastic film. Not only is it beautifully shot and scored, there is some brilliantly executed visual cues in the film that makes it a stand-out World War I film. This movie does not have the gore of Saving Private Ryan – which I must […]

Hellllooooooo. Can you heard me? I feel like there is a great deal of static crackling between my ears. Then again, that could be as a result of there being no higher brain function any more. Oh, who knows. Now that my dissertation is done, and out of my hands, I can finally get back […]