Tony Stark Gazes into the Abyss


The trailer for Iron Man 3 premiered today, and I have to say, from frame one it already feels like it has exceeded the first two films.

This initial trailer looks amazing and very grim. Tony seems to be coming to head with his mortality, which has definitely quieted his once-cocky and self assured demeanor. His nemesis this time around is the Mandarin, which is an interesting choice considering this film was co-produced by DMG, a Chinese firm (who also co-produced Looper), and he is being played by Ben Kingsley. There is a potential for this to ignite criticism regarding the casting (i.e. why isn’t the Mandarin Chinese?), which plagued the dismal adaptation of Avatar: the Last Air Bender.

Having Stark explore his own mortality isn’t really a surprise considering his personality, and the fact that he is an ordinary man in a superhuman suit. However, this could be fantastically executed wherein the story explores the inner struggles and the fall of a human god. This reminds me a bit of Gilgamesh  who feared his own mortality, and much of the poem explores how this shapes him as an individual.

I’m genuinely excited, because Iron Man and Spiderman are my two favorite superheroes.


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