Star Trek into Darkness


There has been a lot of grumbling about the title of the second installment of J.J. Abram’s reboot of the beloved universe created by Gene Rodenberry. I thoroughly enjoyed the first film (though I may have yelled out “Not Vulcan! Think of the pointed-eared babies.”), the title of the new one is worrying. Well like mold on that satsuma that rolled under your bed, it’s growing on me. However, this movie has been quite hush-hush about, well, everything. There is so much speculation concerning the plot (Wrath of Khan remake?) and who Cumberbatch is, that I’ve given up reading about the film altogether. Actually, it has slowly begun to restore that child-like wonder I used to feel when watching TNG.

Anywho, today we got a poster! And a release date of May 17, 2013 (pray it doesn’t come out later in the UK)!

Yay? All I could think of is it looks remarkably similar to the Dark Knight Rises poster.

It’s a bit distracting really. Also, the buildings are a conglomeration of landmark skyscrapers from major cities. I spy the easter egg thingy from London. Also, it tells us very little. Lot’s of things go boom in Star Trek films, and there tends to be questionable fashion choices. Though this looks like the back of Cumberbatch’s unnamed villain. He has a lot of snaps on his boots, maybe that’s why he’s so angry? Considering how awesome the teaser was for the first one, I have high expectations for the second teaser trailer. It’s only a matter of time before one surfaces. Let’s pray that they haven’t upped the wattage on the lens flare.


UPDATE: Here is the teaser trailer. Yes, this is the Japanese one, because it has extra scenes in the end.


1. San Francisco, oh yeah!

2. Cumberbatch who are you??  Oh wait, you are clearly intense, because you smacked that Klingon in the face with a huge gun. Cumberbatch is no p’tahk.

3. Ok, not the Enterprise, because the nacelles are weird. So Cumberbatch’s ship? Later you see him wearing the black captain’s uniform/shirt that Kirk wore in the 2009 Star Trek.

4. No, don’t hurt the Enterprise! I think it’s crashing into the Bay.

5. So excited! I mean, I watched it 9 times.

6. The beauty of JJ’s take is that I don’t consider it part of the Star Trek canon, this is like the episode where Spock’s evil counterpart has a goatee, it may look similar, but it’s just another timeline.


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