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One of the beautiful benefits of belonging to a university, it access to its network. Why? The veritable feast of articles and books that await. However, and far more frequently than I would like, I window will open that reminds me that I do not have access to this content. I know that having a university-wide license for […]



I must be upfront and admit that I have only, in the past year or so, started reading graphic novels. It wasn’t that they weren’t on my radar, and how could they not be, with the commercial success of the film adaptation of V for Vendetta, 300, Sin City,  and Watchman (well that last one is debatable, and I’ve read […]

My partner in crime an I just finished up War Horse, which is a fantastic film. Not only is it beautifully shot and scored, there is some brilliantly executed visual cues in the film that makes it a stand-out World War I film. This movie does not have the gore of Saving Private Ryan – which I must […]