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Last week I re-watched Apollo 13 with my friend who had never seen it. When Apollo 13 came out in 1995, my parents were happy to take their daughter to see it in the theater. I mean when I was still writing letters to Santa Claus, one of the things I wanted more than anything* […]

Al Jazeera English has begun airing a series called the Frost Interviews, with the interview power house himself, Sir David Frost. There are only a few at the moment, but they caught my eye when I saw Frost had spoken with now-retired Archbishop of Cape Town Desmond Tutu. Desmond Tutu is one of my heroes, […]

Nikola Tesla, was arguably the most prolific inventor of the past two hundred years. However, he is also one of the least appreciated. People always wax philosophical about Newton, Bohr, or Einstein; however, Tesla was more like the prolific artist whose works were kept squirreled away in a disused barn. He had the brains and the looks to conquer […]

The debate season is in overdrive, and the last ditch efforts to curry favor with the undoubtedly tuned-out populace of the land of plenty has resulted in some interesting pastimes for some would-be voters. The most recent presidential debate, which was on the 16th, was town-hall style. This seems to be a recipe for all kinds of awkward interrupting […]