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There has been a lot of grumbling about the title of the second installment of J.J. Abram’s reboot of the beloved universe created by Gene Rodenberry. I thoroughly enjoyed the first film (though I may have yelled out “Not Vulcan! Think of the pointed-eared babies.”), the title of the new one is worrying. Well like […]

Today is one of my all time favorite days of the year, this year I went as the Bride of Frankenstein from the iconic 1935 film staring Boris Karloff and the gorgeous Elsa Lanchester. It was pretty awesome, if I do say do myself. I would be remised if I didn’t mention this juicy (and potentially terrifying) piece of news. […]

The trailer for Iron Man 3 premiered today, and I have to say, from frame one it already feels like it has exceeded the first two films. This initial trailer looks amazing and very grim. Tony seems to be coming to head with his mortality, which has definitely quieted his once-cocky and self assured demeanor. His nemesis this […]

Woahhhhh there veins, they look like they are trying to break loose from their fleshy prison. Aside from all the photoshop creeping in this photo, I have always approved of Hugh Jackman being cast as Logan. This is the first official photo from the upcoming movie focusing on Wolverine and will be set mainly in […]

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Preview narrated by William Shatner and Wil Wheaton.